Second Presbyterian Church - Little Rock, Arkansas
2001 Design of Merit Award Winner
Arkansas Chapter American Institute of Architects

2001 AIA Design of Merit Award Winner
Jury of Architects comments:

“This project speaks of the discipline of restraint. It’s hard architecturally not to expand the project. It’s more challenging than giving yourself leeway to work. This project pays attention to doing a great deal with a very little.”

“This project proves a small piece can do great things. It is beautifully detailed and the proportions are nice.”Owner comments:“The end result of the cupola was a much better appearance for the entire church. Larry Kirchner did a wonderful job with all the changes to the design when he encountered obstacles from the existing cupola design. Even with all of the revisions, Larry kept the plan on budget. He did a great job.“Today the cupola lights West Little Rock. Larry Kirchner had a vision that no one else did and it was right on target.”

MPE / FP: TME Consulting Engineers
Structural: Engineering Consultants, Inc.

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